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  • Don't have a benevolent grandmother offering a perfectly seasoned pan? Lodge, the country's oldest maker of cast iron cookware, preseasons ready-to-use pans with vegetable oil. 10" skillet, $23 at Lodge

Enduring Classic


Cast Iron Skillet

When my grandmother complained that her fancy new induction stovetop would no longer accommodate her decades-old cast iron skillet, I immediately offered the hefty workhorse a home. I'd been wanting one forever, and this beauty was perfect. Ten and half inches around and about 3 inches deep, it's the most versatile piece of equipment in my kitchen. Of course I can use it to sauté, but I can also deep fry or bake in it. I can sear a piece of meat before roasting it in the oven. Since you never need any soap to clean it, the pan imparts any food with the rich flavors of a good grill (not to mention, a touch of dietary iron). And because it's virtually indestructible, if I play my cards right, I'll be passing this very skillet down to my grandson.


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