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The Dark and Stormy is the national drink of Bermuda, home to Goslings Rum.

Anatomy of a Classic:
The Dark 'n Stormy

by Ed Hackett of Pub & Kitchen, Philadelphia

All it takes to make this fresh tasting, backyard cocktail is a few simple ingredients and the ability to count. Fill a classic 8 oz. highball glass with ice cubes and add equal parts Gosling Black Seal (dark) Rum and Reeds' Ginger Beer, about 2 and ½ ounces of each (pour each and slowly repeat: "one thousand one, one thousand two"). Add the juice of half a lime, stir, and garnish with a lime wedge.

"Dark and stormy" is an old nautical term, and this drink came about during the rum runs between the English Virgin Islands and the UK. When we opened the Pub, we wanted to offer a British-style cocktail that people didn't necessarily realize was British at first. Then we could explain it.

Photo by Erik Symes

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