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Essential Home Bar

The Best Booze, Bitters and Bar Tools for the Ideal At-Home Drink


The Tools

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A great cocktail is not born, it's built. Meaning that you need the proper equipment. Here are the tools every man needs to have on hand, as prescribed by expert mixologist Mittie Hellmich, author of "The Ultimate Bar Book."


"This handy jigger comes in a metal hourglass shape, has a 1 ½- oz. cup at one end, and ¾ or 1-oz. pony on the other, to quickly flip from one standard cocktail measurement to another with ease." $4 at CB2

Martini Pitcher

Turns out Bond was wrong. Martinis should be stirred. "This is the essential mixing vessel for purists or for mixing more than two drinks at a time. The best pitchers will have a pinched spout that holds back the ice when pouring."
$6 at CB2


"This very handy device is great for mashing citrus and sugar together for your mojito and caipirinha or crushing herbs for your mint julep or cilantro margarita." Remember, always mash in the shaker or the glass that you'll be using. $9 at Sur La Table

Bar Spoon

Stirring ensures a cocktail that's extra cold and silky.
$3 at CB2

Citrus Squeezer

"The best cocktails are made with fresh juices, and this handheld metal press (which accommodates lemons, limes and small oranges) is the quick, efficient way to get the most juice with the least amount of pulp." $12 by Amco

Bar Knife

"Best to have a small sharp knife on hand for cocktail prep work." And best to get everything chopped and sliced before you're three drinks in. $9 by Pedrini

The Good Ice

There's a reason why better bars use such big ice cubes. They melt slowly, keeping your drink cold without watering it down. These make perfectly square, clear cubes. $13 for two at Sur La Table


"A Boston shaker is the classic industrial two-container unit preferred by bartenders for quick mixing and cleanup." $43 by WMF


A Hawthorne strainer, as it's known, allows just the liquid (and the ideal amount of tiny ice chips) into your glass. This model replaces the cumbersome handle with a slip-proof finger pad. $7 by Oxo

Cost for Complete Tool Kit:

Get It

"The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails" by Mittie Hellmich, $14 at Amazon

The Glasses

For: Liquor neat or on the rocks.

For: Highballs with bubbles or juice.

For: Cocktails without ice.


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