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All-Clad frypans, $39.95 to $79.95 (on sale) at Crate & Barrel

The Kitchen Imperative

Sure, you could knock together a meal using practically anything. But a gentleman's kitchen equipment better be functional, durable and smart. This series outlines modern classics as determined by the country's best chefs.

  • Make sure your pan is hot before putting in oil or butter and you won't have any issues of food sticking.

Ditch Your
College Pan Set

The Problem

 You're still cooking with the worn-out and bent pans from the set you got at a big box store years ago. The non-stick coating is tattered and the plastic handle's probably loose.


The Solution

Upgrade to a versatile stainless steel pan. "Any pan from All-Clad is a superstar but I use the 10-inch fry pan for everything," says Kevin Callaghan, chef and owner of the popular Acme Food & Beverage Co. in Carrboro, NC. "It goes from the stovetop to the oven and back again 40 times a night and has done so for more than five years, but it still looks like new."


Why It's Worth It

The pan has a superior conductive cooking surface due to the triple-ply construction of American-made metals. Pure aluminum is layered between nonreactive stainless steel for a heat diffusing base that allows ingredients to brown nicely. The three layers are bonded together in a process called cladding to guarantee a level cooking surface, eliminating buckling and preventing "hot spots" that can result in uneven cooking. That and a quality one will last you decades. If not longer.


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