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The Patrón bottles are individually hand-blown and numbered.

Patrón Secret Dining Society

Thought there was no such thing as a gastronomic secret society? A place where top chefs and master bartenders dish out gratis dinner and cocktails to the lucky few who know the password? Think again. For some time now, Patrón Tequila has been hosting a series of under-the-radar dinners around the country. Dubbed the Secret Dining Society, the dinners are created by some of the country's best-known chefs—like Marcus Samuelsson recently in New York. The chefs collaborate with mixologists on an innovative multi-course menu paired with equally progressive tequila cocktails.

Of course, access is limited to members of the Patrón Social Club. Details and the location for the clandestine events are kept under close wraps until the next dinner is imminent. (You may've seen the countdown happening in some of the ads here on the site.) Simply sign up for Patrón Social Club and when the secret society touches down in your city, you'll receive an email with further instructions to be put on the shortlist for a chance at a seat. And there are plenty of events coming up this summer so sign up now to stay in the know.

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