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Distiller's Edition Scotch


Humphrey Bogart loved scotch. In fact, some of his last words were actually, "I should never have switched from scotch to martinis." If you're a lover of scotch too, take that relationship to the next level with a distiller's edition from one of the six classic malts of Scotland, each from one of the country's main whisky-producing regions. These distinctive editions start off like any other scotch, aging in large oak casks. But in the end, a master distiller removes the few barrels he finds to have special or unique traits and transfers them into fortified wine casks (which were previously used for sherry or port) for a second maturation of several months. Those casks are the key to the distiller's editions sweeter and more complex flavors. Here's looking at you kid.

Finished In:

Montilla Fino sherry casks

Tasting Notes:

Rich and smooth with hints of caramel and apple; a smoky finish that retains a lot of the spice.

$80, at Merwin Liquors

Finished In:

Amontillado sherry casks

Tasting Notes:

The sweetest of the six—a mix of cherry and cinnamon with a strong, dry cacao finish.

$80, at The Whisky Barrel

Finished In:

Ruby port casks

Tasting Notes:

Very smooth with hints of peat and wood; a light finish with final notes of vanilla.

$89, at Master of Malt

Finished In:

Amoroso sherry casks

Tasting Notes:

A dry taste that moves into a sweet citrus note; a peaty finish with hints of pine and fruit.

$82, at Wally's

Finished In:

Oloroso sherry casks

Tasting Notes:

Melon and apple notes are highlighted by sweet dates; clove and oak at the finish with a bit of cacao.

$80, at Cask

Finished In:

Pedro Ximenez sherry casks

Tasting Notes:

Very smooth and spicy, with notes of cherry and almonds; a smoky finish with lots of peat.

$110, at K&L

    To officially be considered Scotch, the whisky must mature in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years.