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  • Keep a layer of lettuce between the bread and tomato to prevent soggy toast.
Make It

A Better BLT

The BLT is, to me, the perfect sandwich. It's easy and economical to make and has such a great combination of textures and tastes, how can you not love it? Especially in the summertime, when flavorful peak-season tomatoes are abundant, and crisp lettuce can easily be found at grocery stores and farmers markets. Structural integrity is important to any sandwich, but flimsy ingredients will really kill a BLT. You want sturdy strips of bacon with a nice toothsome quality, hearty slices of bread that hold up to a good toasting and beefsteak tomatoes cut into big, blocky slices (to hell with a little juice running down your chin). And while your basic version—the B, L and T trio on toast topped with a little mayo—certainly stands on its own, don't be afraid to go all sandwich artist and try some more modern variations. Here are a few suggestions to take your BLT the extra mile.

Awesome Additions
Onion Jam

This roasted garlic and onion jam is a sweet complement to the salty bacon and acidic tomatoes.


Nothing beats the crunch of good ol' iceberg lettuce, but mix in some arugula leaves for a fresh, peppery kick.

Fried Egg

Once you've cooked your bacon, fry up an egg which adds some protein and a rich, runny yolk.


Add a few slices or mash it up and use the spread as a healthier alternative to mayonnaise.

Layering the Bacon
We've seen life hacks about bacon weaving, but all you need to do is alternate the ends. Every piece of bacon has a wide end and skinny end—simply alternate as you lay each piece, overlapping slightly to ensure ample bacon in each bite.