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The best things never go out of fashion. A Champagne flute filled with effervescent beauty is always an impressive accessory especially during the holiday season. In the same way that you are dressing up for these festive get togethers, let's look at how you can dress up that glass of bubbly.


Let the cork ease out of the bottle. A Champagne should sigh rather than scream when opened ... unless of course you are practicing your sabrage skills.

Of course, Champagne is perfect the way it is. Two red grapes (Pinot noir and Pinot Meunier) and the white Chardonnay make up just about all of the grapes grown in the Champagne region of Northeastern France. These grapes are then transformed through two fermentations (one for alcohol content and one to tickle your nose) and a lengthy stint resting upside down at an angle to get all the floaties to settle out. One may think "Hey, why would you add anything to this already amazing liquid after all it has been through?!" Well, if we didn't modify already tasty liquids, we would be without cocktails in general and a world like that is not one I prefer to live in.

In order to understand the Champagne cocktail, you must drink one. It's simple. Potent. Perfect. Be the guy drinking bubbles at a holiday party and you won't regret it. Just watch your intake. The bubbles cause it to be absorbed into your bloodstream faster than say a still cocktail and you will feel it about halfway through your second one. So make good use of that bottle of Champagne you keep chilled in your fridge for special occasions. You can use sparkling wine in a pinch but you should reward yourself with the good stuff.

The Classic Champagne Cocktail


Bottle of Champagne
Angostura bitters

Sugar cubes

Take a flute, drop in a sugar cube and hit it with a few dashes of the bitters. Top it off with Champagne and finish it with a lemon twist.

The French 75


2 oz Champagne
1 oz Gin

1 oz Lemon juice
½ oz simply syrup

Take a shaker tin and add some ice, your gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake to incorporate, then pour the Champagne into the shaker. Strain this mixture into a glass with ice.


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