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With the baggage fees and shrinking personal space on planes these days, the benefits of a tailored yet tough weekender bag shouldn't be ignored. But a standard duffel can be limiting. How much can you viably stuff into one of those things? What if you want to take along a suit or jacket? How It Works
Well, the clever designers at Hook + Albert have devised a game-changing bag that combines the functionality of a garment bag with the pack-it-up portability of a classic weekender. After all, great design is not simply something that's attractive, but more importantly, something that solves a problem. The clever carryall works like this: the duffel unzips to break down, fully flat and the lining is kitted out with a large zippered pouch, which makes for easy loading of the suit or shirts you'll keep on hangers. Slide your dress shoes into the lined pouches built into the ends of the bag, securely stash some accessories in the provided pockets and zip the whole thing back up. Now you've got a bag that still has plenty of room for your off-duty clothes and other necessities while your more important pieces stay wrinkle-free. The bag comes in both a black or grey leather along with this hearty waxed canvas (as seen above).  Finished with leather trim, durable stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty YKK zippers, Hook + Albert spared no expense to make the ultimate weekender bag. Which is good, considering this bad boy will get you though years of quick trips—not to mention actually make packing a pleasure.

$365 by Hook + Albert

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