Cognac has a reputation for being a serious spirit—the kind of drink a gentleman sips in a wood paneled study. Yes, all cognac comes from a small and highly protected area of southwest France, and while it's true to say that it is a type of brandy, not all brandies are cognacs. And not all cognacs are created equal. While your granddad might've sipped the stuff, there's a new generation of cognac connoisseurs that are mixing the spirit into cocktails. And Hennessy, one of the leading producers of cognac in the world, has created a bottle for modern guys wanting to mix drinks for nights out. Smooth yet intense, Hennessy Black is a multi-faceted cognac with floral notes and a pop of citrus that makes for a fresh and versatile spirit that revives classic cocktails. If you're a fan of such summertime favorites as the negroni and mojito, here are four fresh takes on some tried-and-true drinks.