Cast Iron 2.0

A cast iron skillet is the most versatile piece of equipment a man can have in his kitchen. Use the weighty pan as a mallet to pound a piece of meat, then turn on the stove and sear it before roasting it in the oven. You can also deep fry or bake in it. The best skillets will last a lifetime or longer so this is no time to skimp. And Portland-based Finex's new school take on the old school cast iron is the most impressive one on the market today.


Looking to create something that provided the same even heating and durability as vintage cookware, Finex's founder Mike Whitehead crafted an American-made heirloom quality cast iron skillet that's also easier to use. The precision machined pans are lighter than your average cast iron and feature an impeccably smooth finish to reduce sticking. That coiled spring handle? Ergonomically, it's a hell of a lot easier to hold but even better—it cools down extremely quick, which means no more burnt hands. The octagonal shape, which allows for multiple pouring options and easier cleanup, has won praise from design enthusiasts and acclaimed restaurant chefs alike.



The pan's retro-inspired graphics were designed by Field Notes founder Aaron Draplin.