Pepsi Almost Goes
Back to the Future

The future is (not quite) now.

The original movie prop from 1989 on the left versus the 2015 release.

We're quickly approaching October 21, the fabled date Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future II. And in the film, when that supercharged Delorean touches down in 2015, McFly is met with hoverboards, self-lacing Nikes and a soft drink called "Pepsi Perfect."

Well, the real world of 2015 isn't exactly as they envisioned it back in 1989 when the film came out, but it's getting pretty close. There's a slew of hoverboard-like toys to zip around on. Nike has confirmed a 2015 release of everyone's favorite power-lacing sneakers, the Air Mags. Even Jaws is getting in on the fun. And now Pepsi is releasing a limited-edition run of 6,500 bottles of Pepsi Perfect—each selling for a clever $20.15.

But here's our beef with this thirsty marketing scheme—the design is wrong. This isn't the bottle from the movie. It only slightly resembles it. The one Marty is served in the movie has a noticeably different shape, and a built-in straw pops out of the top. Pepsi seems to have left out all the unique, futuristic functionally. And for $20, they should've given us a real replica—not simply a cheap knockoff. After all, those Air Mags would be nothing without actual, working power laces.

Get one early

Pepsi will set up shop at New York Comic Con (October 8-11) and give a Pepsi Perfect bottle to the first 200 fans dressed as Marty McFly who come to the booth each day. (Must be wearing a puffy vest or future-jacket, jeans, high-tops, a watch and an optional hoverboard.)

Behold the Future