What the Hell Are Pellet Grills?

What the
Are Pellet Grills?

Tiny wood pellets make a big difference in your barbecue

The best pellet grills 2018

Maybe you've heard of pellet grills.
They seem to be popping up more and more these days. Just a few years ago, there were only two companies making them. But today, they're all anyone seems to be talking about when it comes to grilling, or backyard barbecues or tailgating. Why? Well, mostly because they're easy to use, quick to work and impart the food with that great smokey flavor we all want when we grill. In short, they make anyone a good griller.

How, you ask? Well, it starts with the pellets, themselves. They're made from compressed sawdust that is subjected to high pressure and heat. They burn cleanly and leave little ash to clean up. The grills constantly feed in the pellets to maintain a constant temperature, which not only allows for even grilling, but makes it possible for these grills to bake, roast and smoke foods as well. What's more, they're relatively inexpensive compared to similar gas or charcoal grills. Herewith, four standout options to try.


Traeger Ranger Grill

Traeger Ranger Grill

This handsome grill is small enough to fit into the smallest of car trunks and yet boasts an impressive grilling area. The Ranger is able to handle a full rack of ribs, four steaks, six burgers or ten hot dogs at one time. The Digital Arc controller not only maintains a precise temperature, but a handy "keep warm" mode lets you cook your food ahead of time.

$399.95 at Williams Sonoma

Grilla Wood Pellet Grill

Grilla Wood
Pellet Grill

This modern looking grill combines a novel, vertical shape with digital controls and convection cooking abilities within its dual-level cooking chamber. The hourglass shape also means its ideal for smaller patios or apartment dwellers without a lot of balcony space.

$799 at Grilla Grills


Green Mountain Grills Davy Crochett Grill

Green Mountain Grills
Davy Crockett Grill

This rugged stainless steel grill sits on sturdy, foldable legs or easily slides onto a truck's tailgate. It comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through an iOS or Android mobile app), a meat probe, a peaked lid for extra room and a convenience tray with utensil hooks.

$339 at Amazon

Camp Chef Deluxe Grill and Smoker

Camp Chef Deluxe Grill
and Smoker

Like all grills, pellet grills come in many different sizes. This dual-tier grill boasts a whopping 570 square inches of cooking space. It's easy to work and clean up is simple thanks to one of the best built-in hopper/ash clean out systems on the market.

$499.99 at Amazon

The Pellets

The Pellets

BBQ Delight Wood Pellets
BBQ Delight Wood Pellets

You can control your smoke and flavor by choosing various pellets. This variety pack comes with a selection wood types and flavors, including apple, hickory and mesquite, along with Jack Daniel's-infused wood.

$31.79 by BBQ Delight

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