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AOL Radio
So long satellite radio. This app, which won an Apple design award for its user-friendly approach, puts more than 200 stations (spanning two dozen genres) at your fingertips. You'll undoubtedly smile when you happen upon your favorite station from your angst-filled teen years. (Like this? Check out Pandora)

On Tap

The dust has cleared and yeah, some stores sold out. But the iTunes Application Store trumps all that hoopla. With more than 500 apps, you can pinch, tilt, flick and tap your way to more options than you should ever be allowed to keep in your pocket. Free to $40, at iTunes.

Put That GPS
to Good Use

A social compass that locates Yelp-reviewed businesses, the closest available ZipCar or points you to the nearest Starbucks. It also plugs into databases like Eventful and GasBuddy. Our only concern? The Buddy Beacon. We don't need our friends knowing when we're indulging in our guilty pleasure--Panda Express. (Like this? Check out Loopt)


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