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The number of charities and causes supported by GoodSearch.


The amount donated thus far to the ASPCA.


The number of affiliated merchants that donate a percentage to your chosen charity when you buy online.


The season of good will towards thy fellow man has officially kicked off and while cable news networks make it sound like you should be taking up next to the bell-ringers at the mall, there's still some good you can do without even opening your wallet. GoodSearch allows you to make charitable donations to your chosen cause simply by searching online. Ken Ramberg and his sister J.J. started the site in 2005, allowing people to choose a charity to support simply by being online and doing what comes naturally—typing terms into a search engine. Donations come out of the revenue generated by advertising on the site, so neither the charity nor the user pays a dime. There's something to be thankful for. Free, at


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