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The Downgrade Experiment

It happens to everyone. And if it hasn't happened to you, just wait. It will. One too many drinks, a loose pocket and a cab ride home on a Friday night. It took me a few days to realize that losing my beloved iPhone wasn't the end of the world. Before I made the plunge for a new smartphone, I wondered: "Do you really need this? You're not even due for an upgrade yet. Is this hunk of plastic worth $300? Well, how about $400?" Twenty dollars and a new SIM card later, I feel fine. No, really. It's refreshing to be free of emails, tweets and Facebook notifications until I sit down at home or the office. So, before you whip out your credit card, consider keeping the digital umbilical cord severed and carry on with business as usual.

Simplify, Simplify
- Henry David Thoreau (who never even owned an iPhone).

The percentage of Blackberry users that say they check their email regularly while lying in bed. (Source: AOL)

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