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The Go-Anywhere Bag

There's a lot asked of luggage these days. It needs to be lightweight, durable, handsome and hold more than we usually need. And those demands require a certain pragmatic ingenuity. Lexdray specializes in smart, sophisticated bags built tough for the modern traveler and their latest release, the London Garment Bag, is their smartest yet—engineered with an innovative shelving system. The brand recently loaned me a sample bag for a five day business trip that took me to three different cities—meaning a handful of hotels. Thankfully, this bad boy brings a whole new level of efficiency to packing. It's as easy as putting away laundry—you simply fill the shelves with stacks of clothes. There's a cleverly designed place for everything. Your blazers or suit goes into a removable garment bag, your laptop or iPad slips into a fleece-lined slot, your accessories and chargers into an accompanying pouch. Stash your shoes and you're done. Unpacking isn't necessary. I'd check-in, hang the bag on the closet door, unfold the shelves and hang up my jackets. Done. When the time came to leave, I'd fold up and secure the shelves, zip up the bag and leave. And speaking of leaving, yes the bag meets carry-on specifications. And just in case you find yourself dashing through the airport with 15 minutes to make your connecting flight (as I did), I can assure you this lightweight beauty stays comfortably on your shoulder as you dodge lazy people on the moving walkway.

by Lexdray

The Review

Just under other high-end lines like Tumi and Rimowa. And it comes with a one year worry-free warranty.


Military-grade ballistic nylon, Neoprene, fleece lined pockets and rubberized heavy-duty hardware.


With padded handles and a perfectly-balanced interior, you can easily carry or sling over your shoulder.









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