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    Accidental damage is 10 times more common than loss or theft, when it comes to smartphones.

(Source: SquareTrade)

The Case
for Protection

When it comes to phone cases, your options can be somewhat daunting. Do you want wood, rubber, plastic or something completely different? And of course, you have to ask yourself: how risky do you feel? I have a friend who refuses to put a case on his phone because he claims it ruins the aesthetic altogether. But if you do it right, your new case can add to the overall image of your phone. When you take your phone out hundreds of times in any given day, you want to make sure the way you protect it is cool and simple as it is durable. You don't want a case that will take a sleek piece of tech and turn it into a clunky piece of plastic. Above all, your case should complement not only your phone, but your lifestyle.

- Cooper Nolan


A multi tool case, complete with a bottle opener, a USB drive that doubles as a kickstand for watching videos and multiple snap-on camera lenses.

$45, by ReadyCase

Simple Leather

For minimalists, this barely-there leather case is basically like giving your iPhone a textured leather back, while providing a decent dose of protection.

$25, by J.Crew

iGlaze Armour

Flashy, no. Elegant, yes. This thing is diamond cut. That means even the manufacturing process for the case is fancy ... and extremely durable.

$40, by Moshi

Woodgrain Camo

Camo's having a huge moment, and this case offers a rustic, lowkey print for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But note: it's made of hard printed plastic, not wood.

$35, by Mstrpln


This tough-as-nails shell comes in a range of colors, and features oversized buttons and a screen protector to ensure your phone is safe—no matter how active you are.

$35, by Urban Armor Gear

Varnished Vibe

Extremely lightweight and sleek, this durable wood-printed Android case is fully customizable. Feel free to add your monogram for a personal touch.

$51, by Zazzle









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