I was never much of a phone case guy. Had nothing against them, really, they just weren't my thing. I preferred the look of my iPhone by itself—uncluttered, simple, clean. I liked that it slid easily into my back pocket. So I've never used a case on any phone that I've owned (seriously, not one, not ever). And while I've never dropped, cracked or damaged my phone, it could be argued that I was more careful with it knowing that I was forgoing any protection.  But that's all changed with Bellroy's latest entry. The 3-Card case is essentially a slim, minimal wallet that holds your iPhone 6, three cards and some emergency cash (for those vendors who don't yet accept Apple Pay). There's even a spot for an extra sim card. Constructed from smooth, vegetable-tanned full grain leather that's strengthened with a sturdy polycarbonate, it's lined with a soft microfiber offering further protection for the device. A simple swipe of your thumb releases the cards, making quick work of pulling out IDs or cards for your commute. And since everything tucks neatly into the case, there are fewer things in my pockets and less to keep track of when on a run or out for the night.