Top your coffee table with a personalized indie mag featuring your photos. Each month, this new app automatically curates 100 of your most recent photos. You tap "upload," and they're then printed into an  elegantly-designed magazine printed on thick, archival quality Mohawk Paper with the date displayed prominently for easy filing.


From $8.99 per month, on iOS


Apps for Printing Photos

We all snap a lot of photos with our phones these days. And that's a good thing—we never let any special moments pass us by. They're now captured for posterity. But most of those moments then get lost in the clutter of your camera roll. How often do you go back and look through them? Do they ever escape the digital ether? Thankfully, there are now a handful of apps available that will turn your best digital shots into tangible photographs. These three offer the best quality prints and make ordering as easy as possible.


Social Print Studio

This combination app and service offers a wide variety of print options. Simple cardstock squares from your Instagram feed? Yep. Photo-strips, framed shots, sticker books and large-format prints and posters? Those too. All for reasonable prices and simply ordered from your phone or computer. Meaning its easier than ever to turn that perfect sunset shot into "art" or give out copies of that group selfie.


From $12 (for 24 prints), on iOS and Android


Subscribe to this service and add photos from your camera or social feeds to your Timeshel "story" whenever you've got a keeper. At the end of each month, they print your story and send high-quality photographs in a sturdy plastic box. The boxes also stack neatly, allowing filing cabinet-like access to the photos via slide-out the trays.


From $5.95 per month, on iOS