Treat Yourself

A 2 Minute Meditation With a Vintage BMW

A 2 Minute Meditation
With a Vintage BMW

A sun-dappled open road out in the country. The comfortable embrace of well-worn leather seats. The wind in your hair and the gearshift in your hand ... you are, for right now, master of your own destiny. At least, that's what we were thinking when watching Rivay's latest short film, "Escape Today." Friend of the moto-inspired brand Matt Leonard, drives his 1972 BMW 3.0 CS over the Brooklyn bridge and onto some country roads to get a couple hours of reprieve. Consider the resulting video a quick fix of that same feeling. Treat yourself to a two minute meditation watching the car hug a few corners.

Get the Shirt

Get the

Like the twill utility shirt Leonard's wearing? Constructed in New York with a slightly oversized fit, it can be worn on its own or as a light jacket.

$158, by Rivay