Best linen sheet sets
Best linen sheet sets

If You're Not
Sleeping on These, You're Missing Out

If You're
Not Sleeping
on These,
You're Missing Out

The best linen sheets are breathable, cool and really freaking comfortable

You know that comfy, don't-want-to-move feeling you have lying in bed on a lazy Saturday morning? Or when you're curled up on a beach hammock, with the breeze blowing over your body? A good set of linen sheets, with their superior softness and breathability, can deliver that same feel. Unlike cotton, which can feel crisp and silky, linen sheets have an airy quality to them. But there's also a slight weight to the fabric, almost like a light blanket, which can be very soothing to sleep in.

Plus, linen naturally wicks moisture away from the body better than cotton, so it keeps you feeling dry yet comfortably cozy in the summertime. It can also save a relationship. Because linen does such a good job of regulating temperature, it's ideal if you sleep hot and your partner is always cold (and vice versa). Ready to switch? We've rounded up some of the best options to buy.


Our Picks

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

Linen core sheet set,
from $259 by Brooklinen

These lightweight stonewashed sheets, ideal for summer nights, offer superior absorbency and natural moisture-wicking properties.

West Elm Individual Linen Bedding Components

Individual linen bedding components, from $44 / $36
by West Elm

One of the best buys on the market, these are made from Belgian flax linen, which maintain their softness wash after wash.

Matteo Garment Washed Linen Sheet Set

Garment washed linen sheet set,
$396 / $238.98 by Matteo

Made in Los Angeles, these are garment dyed for a slightly vintage look and then run through a special wash for an even softer feel.


Parachute Linen Sheet Set

Linen sheet set,
from $169 by Parachute

Made of 100% European flax and available in eight colors, including deep shades like this rich indigo.

Morrow Heirloom French Linen Sheet Set

Heirloom French linen sheet set,
from $275 by Morrow

Woven from 100% French flax, these have a light yet substantial feel that works year round. And the neutral shade of "greige" makes a cool alternative to the standard white.


Biz Detergent

Machine-wash your linen sheets in cold or warm water and dry them on a medium heat setting. Use Biz detergent to combat stains on light colored fabrics. The detergent uses enzymes to effectively eliminate stains and remove substances such as the body's natural oils and sweat.

Biz detergent, $4.97 at Walmart

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