Men are twice as likely to sleep in the nude—31% of men, compared to 14% of women. (Source: NIH)

Summerize Your Sheets

Upgrade Your Bedroom for a Cool Night

By Jordan Taylor for Valet.
Published on June 15, 2008

Don't sweat a good night's sleep just because the mercury's rising and you're tossing and turning on thick 300-thread count sheets, under a goose-down comforter. After all, you've swapped the contents of your closet for the summer, so why not your bedding?


You see, the hotter you are, the harder it is to drift off. Start off by keeping your bedroom hovering around 68-degrees. A cooler core body temp means sweeter sleep. In fact, Dr. Joyce Walsleben, a sleep expert at New York University's Sleep Disorders Center, often recommends taking a cool shower before going to bed. Of course, if a cold shower doesn't sound like a soothing option, allow us to offer a few suggestions for chilling out before hitting the sack.

The Pillow

Stop flipping your pillow in search of a fresh, cool side with the Coolmax pillow, from Target. The hypoallergenic fabric (used in the military's desert gear and in Under Armour's performance apparel) wicks heat and moisture away from the body. $10, at Target.

For an even cooler effect, the Chillow comfort device acts like a radiator for your head. Filled with water to absorb, and then dissipate heat back to the surrounding air, the slim pack provides an instant cooling sensation—no refrigeration required. $30, at Drugstore.comicon.

The Sheets

With their soft hand and slight sheen, silky smooth bamboo sheets wick away moisture and—thanks to their natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties—block bacteria growth, making them perfect for those suffering from athlete's foot or night sweats. Plus, you'll sleep better knowing that your sheets come from a rapidly renewable resource that doesn't require pesticides to grow. $49 to $99, at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Like a good linen suit, a set of sheets in the same breezy fabric look crisp while feeling relaxed. Originally made entirely from flax fibers, linen is often blended with cotton to create a smooth fabric that works like a highly absorbent heat conductor, making it feel cool to the touch. Plus the sheets will just get softer with each wash. $29 to $99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The Cover Up

Ditch your oversized down comforter for a slim blanket (some might call it a coverlet) like this one from West Elm. The puckered 100-percent cotton quilt has rows of tiny, airy stitches (think of it like unpopable bubble wrap) to give it a little bulk without weighing you down. $149 to $199 at West Elm.

Can't kick the habit of a down duvet? Yeah, neither can we. That's why we love Ikea's MYSA RÖNN blanket. The cool comforter is three-quarters thinner than the one you've been using all winter. Plus, it's 100-percent breathable cotton. And a note for those who might like a quilt just a bit thicker—Ikea's down quilts come in a warmth range (1 for the coolest, to 6 for the warmest). $40, at IKEA.

The Night Stand

Standard fare for well-appointed guest rooms, a water carafe next to the bed is a Godsend when you awake parched thanks to the wonder that is central air conditioning. Rehydrate without the guilt of buying plastic water bottles with this handsome, handblown glass carafe. $10, at CB2.

Need a little more air than the person sleeping next to you? Opt for a small fan, like the Allaire desk fan (available in three finishes). It's not only cool and retro looking, but will also add a little white noise to soothe you to sleep. $99 to $139 at Restoration Hardware.

  • FYI: Eileen McGill, sleep concierge at the Benjamin Hotel in New York, helps weary guests get some sleep by helping them choose from the hotel's 12-item pillow menu, including one with a removable chilled core. From $255 a night,, 212.715.2500.

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