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After the stylish shelter mag Domino shuttered, its down-to-earth Deal Hunter blogger Nick Olsen wasted no time. He registered a site and within a few days, began posting his pitch-point entries—ranging from product recommendations to self-depreicating DIY tales—at Nick Olsen Style. "At first I was in shock," he says. "My favorite magazine and my freelance gig had vanished, but I thought, why stop now?" By day, Olsen works as an interior designer for Miles Redd—so when he's blogging after hours about the best bar cart or how to disguise your dog's bed on the cheap, believe that he knows his stuff. And while he often extolls the virtues of such wallet-friendly chains as CB2 and West Elm, he does insist men splurge on a few things. "Guys need nice bed linens, so depending on the budget, it could be Restoration Hardware or Frette," he advises. "Polyester dorm-room sheets are a turnoff—men, women and house pets will lose all respect for a guy with a faded seashell-print comforter." And the tips just keep on coming.

The Man Behind
the Blog

Drink of choice:
Tequila gimlets

Spring obsession:
A tan suede spectator buck.

Guilty pleasure:
So cliche, but Starbucks.

Recent purchase:
A miniature Louis XVI armchair for $150 on eBay.

New on the iPod: "I Know" by Barbara George.


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