of Valet.
Arden by Fanimation

This free-standing oil rubbed bronze fan has a quiet 3-speed motor with 50 degrees of movement and sits on top of a 3 ½ foot wooden tripod.

$299 (with free shipping) at Lumens

Chill Out

Whether you have air conditioning or not, using a fan during the dog days of summer is a smart idea. It keeps the air moving around you like a constant breeze, allowing you to kick up that AC a few notches. And for ever degree you push that thermostat up, you get about 4% of your energy costs back. Not to mention, a fan takes a hell of a lot less electricity to run than your standard AC unit. Like with clothing or shoes, the idea should be to buy better and buy less. You want a quality machine that will not only perform well, but also last more than a season. And if you opt for a handsome throwback style like these, you won't have to be embarrassed about having the thing oscillating over in the corner.

  • The first fans were invented in India in 500 BC. They were powered by servants pulling on ropes.
Table fan by Ecco

These fans have been handmade from solid metal parts in India for more than 100 years. They're powerful, and not exactly quiet, but make for nice, cooling noise machines for troubled sleepers.

From $85 (with free shipping) at CSN