A Man's Home


Nothing manages to give your place that unique or collected feel more than an interesting assemblage of roughed-up vintage pieces. Handsome, masculine objects that not only add some intrigue and texture to the space, but also inject a sense of history into your home. Herewith, six solid choices that will always look right in a man's home. And while buying these online can get a bit pricey, you're sure to find a deal at your local architectural salvage shop.

Old Maps


Need a large, colorful piece of art for a big blank wall (or to cover an unsightly utility box)? Try one of these old pulldown classroom maps. Some are even wide enough to double as a headboard.

$216, at Bonnie & Bell
$395, at BlueSugar Vintage

Set of six steel bins,
$299 at eBay


You can never have enough storage. And salvage stores are teeming with options, from big old trunks and vintage cases  (which double as coffee or side tables) to industrial factory bins and boxes.

at 1stDibs



Add some athletic style and practical functionality to your bachelor pad with old school stadium seating, which can fold up against the wall when not in use. Also look out for wooden locker room benches.

$275, at Olde Good Things



The easiest way to make your place look bigger? Put up a mirror. The easiest way to make that mirror look a whole lot more interesting? Make it a vintage mirror in a unique, weathered frame with maybe even a mottled or faded mirror inside.

$650, at Etsy


Instant Collections

Don't have a collection to display? Look for sets of items that interest you, have a unique texture or are simply intriguing to look at—old, beat up baseballs, antique eyeglasses or vintage shaving brushes.


Industrial Lighting

Lighting is an essential item for creating an environment within your space. Quality lighting can be expensive, but you can score great deals on well made lamps when buying old industrial lighting like this vintage task lamp.

$124, at eBay


The Best Salvage Shops in America

Olde Good Things

New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA

Salvage One

Chicago, IL

Ohmega Salvage

Berkley, CA


Los Angeles, CA

Restoration Resources

Boston, MA

Construction Junction

Pittsburgh, PA

Adkins Architectural Antiques

Houston, TX