Constructed from sturdy, natural ash wood.

Any young person knows that the struggle, when it comes to entry-level furniture, is real. Wandering through the cavernous big box store, waiting in line, trying to get the bulky boxes back to your place, only to spend hours deciphering the instructions and putting it all together. Well, Greycork, a new company out of Rhode Island, is looking to change that with a line of handsome build-it-yourself home furnishings.


From a box
to a couch
in 4 minutes

"We wanted a better option than Ikea," says co-founder and CEO John Humphrey, who grew up in a woodworking family and partnered with recent RISD grads to launch Greycork. Inspired by mid-century design with an American meets Japanese style, the debut line is centered around the living room and is constructed from ash wood and a soft grey upholstery. Each piece is shipped for free in a flat package designed to fit into standard doors and elevators. The sofa, for example, comes in a 5.5" flat box and unpacks in seconds. Vacuum-sealed upholstery and cushions go from about an inch thick to over seven inches. Engineered to be assembled quickly, each piece can be put together by one person in under four minutes with no tools. Seriously, no tools. Just your hands. And what's more, it can be disassembled just as easily without losing any parts or structural integrity. Which, we all know, can't really be said about Ikea.