Better Bedding for Busy Guys

This brilliantly simple sheet set will make sleeping (and waking) so much better.

Speaking for all of us who love getting into a made bed, but hate the chore of making it in the morning, this clever new bedding brand might've just solved this problem once and for all. It's called Smart Bedding. And while the name conjures thoughts of body sensors or app-based connectivity, it's actually a relatively low-tech, but brilliant solution.

Snaps connect your top sheet to an equally sized duvet so they're perfectly aligned with each other and move as one. This means no more long, hanging sheets that you have to tuck into the sides of your bed. No more waking up with a bunched ball of sheets at the bottom of your bed. The sheets stay crisp and smooth. You can move freely without getting twisted in a tangle of sheets. Or without feeling like you're tucked tightly into a sleeping bag. And since you never need to realign the duvet and top sheet, making the bed is as simple as pulling the duvet up towards your pillows.

The bedding itself is made from 100% French linen, which they found to be more breathable than standard cotton. Plus it lasts ten times longer, is naturally hypoallergenic and always looks sharp. What's more, with every use and wash, your bedding and pillows will only improve in softness. And the brand is so confident in your satisfaction, they are offering a 100 night guarantee: sleep in the sheets for three months and if you're not totally in love, you can send them back for a full refund.

Bedding Set


Duvet cover

(available in six colors)


White connectable top sheet


White fitted sheet



From $349 at Smart Bedding


Avoid wrinkles by taking the sheets out of the dryer while they're the slightest bit damp and put them on the bed while still warm. It's as good as ironing.