It's Time to Invest
in a Good Blanket

Every man should have a quality blanket handy this time of year. And here's why: they look sharp when slung over the back of a chair or sofa and they add some much needed warmth and texture to a room. Plus, they seriously come in handy on lazy weekend days or chilly winter nights. Think of it this way: a cozy blanket leads to cuddling. Cuddling leads to spooning and spooning, well, you get the picture.

Our Picks

Amana Woolen Mill Wool Camp Blanket

Wool camp blanket,
$140 by Amana Woolen Mill

American Giant Stadium Blanket

Stadium blanket,
$59 by American Giant

Woolrich Gettysburg Blanket

Gettysburg blanket,
$115 by Woolrich

Ralph Lauren Gravesend Throw Blanket

Gravesend throw blanket,
$330 / $198 by Ralph Lauren

Best Made Co. Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Lumberlander camp blanket,
$198 by Best Made

H&M Jacquard Weave Throw

Jacquard weave throw,
$34.99 by H&M

Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

Yakima camp blanket,
$139 Pendleton