What made you guys choose these silhouettes for this season,
why a chukka and tassel loafer?

With every season, we're just trying to move things forward, even if only a little bit, while making sure everything still feels right. At this point, I think ROTM is pretty synonymous with the double monk strap. It was our first stab at private label footwear and it's a style we've endorsed long before we were ever selling stuff with our name on it. There's nothing wrong with that, but we don't ever want to appear one dimensional, hence the new silhouettes. Variety's a good thing.

And a double monk lug sole? Kind of two totally opposite things, huh?

That beast of a shoe—we've been calling it "Frankenstein"—was all Jeremy's idea. Just like everything we put out, it's our take on what we appreciate and what we wear. The more we talked about it the more I got on board and now it's easily my personal favorite. It's a "dress shoe" that you can literally wear through even the harshest winter. That's how serious the Vibram lug sole and welt are. No joke, I will be wearing my pair when it snows.

What about the new shirting?

Besides the obvious seasonal fabric choices, the new shirting was definitely a way for us to push ROTM. Once we decided to offer our cutaway oxford cloth shirts again, it made sense to push the envelope with the new stuff. These shirts are a tad bit dressier while still retaining their sport shirt DNA. The denim and plaid shirts specifically, utilize fabric sourced from some of the most renowned mills in Italy. We always want to offer our customers value. That's the most important thing—being able to offer affordable versions of the gear lusted after all over the internet is always a priority of ours.

The new collection is available at Run of the Mill today. Shoes from $435; shirts from $135.

Checking In

Run of the Mill

Last year, Run of the Mill, the side project of bloggers Jon Moy, Lawrence Schlossman and Jeremy Kirkland, debuted a small but quality collection of double monk straps and spread collar oxford shirts. It quickly sold out, leaving those who missed out anxiously awaiting their next release. Last week, they began posting sneak peeks to the new collection on their Tumblr—starting with a collection of spread collar shirts in fall-ready fabrics like flannel and denim. However, it wasn't until they previewed their new shoe collection that their cult following seemingly began foaming at the mouths. In addition to three double monk strap shoes, the brand is also releasing a Dainite-soled chukka boot and a cola suede tassel loafer. What's got most people talking is the Vibram lug-soled scotch grain double monk, an incongruous mash-up of American ruggedness and elegant Italian craftsmanship. Valet. caught up with Schlossman to see how the collection came about, and what inspired the shoe that's got people on Twitter, well ... atwitter.


Published on

October 26, 2011

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