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Lounge Robe

Let's be real here: no self-respecting man should ever have to subject himself to a Snuggie. On chilly mornings, opt for something more classic, like a nice flannel robe. They're ideal for loafing around on weekend mornings, channeling the days when Dad used to grab the morning paper from the doorstep while making a fresh pot of coffee. Of course, these days you're likely catching up on the latest headlines from your iPad, but that doesn't mean you still can't look put together while doing so. Pendleton's version is 100% virgin wool, in a blue Beach Boys plaid and what's more, it's on sale. Which is good news, seeing as you might want to pull the trigger on two. Comfortable robes like this are exactly what significant others are likely to borrow.

$99, at Blackbird


The Beach Boys plaid by Pendleton made its debut on the cover of the band's 1963 album "Surfer Girl."

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November 2, 2011

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