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The bright colors are an ideal way to add some pop to a pair of khaki or dark chinos as well as your favorite pair of raw denim. Keep things rustic with a twill or chambray camp shirt with two chest pockets.
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Quoddy Camp Moccasins

I've never been one to wear driving shoes. Something about them has always been a little too Euro for my tastes, but when I came across these Quoddy Camp Moccasins I took pause. The rawhide laces, camp sole and deerskin lining all point to "rugged," but the suede uppers and go-to-hell colors say "luxe." Plus, they're currently on sale for $179.99 at J. Crew which, when combined with their current offer of free shipping on orders above $175, definitely fits the bill. For now I'd wear them sockless while the weather still permits. They're kind of like holding on to that last vestige of summer.

$179.99 at J.Crew

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September 8, 2011

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