The Stealth Tie Bar

Tie bars have become pretty commonplace thanks to a heavy presence on the web, on TV and in glossy magazine pages. Available in a variety of lengths and finishes, one thing most of them had in common was the signature sheen of the metal material that made them stick out like a sartorial beacon. For the more subtle gentleman, here's a new take—a highly affordable murdered-out tie bar by who else, The Tie Bar. In a solid matte black (available in both one- and one-and-a-half-inch lengths), it'll do its job as well as any other one, but draw a lot less attention to itself. Whether paired with a wool, silk, or even a denim tie, this accessory's sure to keep you looking kempt.

Styling Tip

Now that it's officially fall, consider heavier tie fabrics like tweed, wool flannel.