Introducing Valet's
Personal Shopper.

To most men, shopping isn't a recreational activity. It's about fulfilling a particular need. Whether you're on the hunt for the perfect navy blazer (a noble goal) or could use some new shoes for a job interview or wedding, there's often a specific occasion or need behind your search. But that's not to say men aren't shopping. They are—now more than ever. And much of it is being done online. Guys today are excited about style, they're educated and they're not simply prescribing to one way of dressing. Or one label or shop for that matter. There are lots of ways to look good these days. And lots of shops, department stores and web sites to find well-made, quality products. Which can make the task at hand a bit daunting. That's why we set out to launch this new section, Personal Shopper. Geared for browsing and buying, we offer up the latest intel on the web's best sales and deals, advice on what and when to buy, customized email alerts for your favorite brands and stores, along with an ever-expanding directory of the best men's shops in North America. The really great piece is the Shopping Engine—an innovative way to browse, compare and buy from hundreds of brands (and price-points) in an elegant, informative and easy-to-use interface. As always, we're at your service.

Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief


To get started browsing our curated selection of goods, select a category from the menu on the left and the products are then displayed. Choose an item, and a tab slides open with all the information you'd want—from the materials and fit to where it was made. To purchase, click the green button and buy directly from the source. To continue browsing, click on any item from the scrolling column to the left.


Every day, we'll bring you a story centered on the art and science of shopping. From new finds that catch our eye and our popular product spectrums to sale spotlights and interviews with shop owners on what's selling this season.


Men have never had so many unique and intelligently curated places to shop as they do today. These distinctive and independent stores influence the tastes and trends of the moment with a mix of exclusive merchandise, collaborations and support of new brands. Presented for your perusing and planning pleasure: our ever-expanding directory of the best shops in North America (and the web).


A continuously updated inventory of the best online and in-store savings—from seasonal sales and special promotions to free shipping codes and sample sale details. Of course, from time to time, there will be some great deals specifically for Valet. users.


Segmented into three-month windows, our seasonal calendar keeps you up to date on when new merchandise hits the sales floor (and when this season's stuff will be going on sale). It instructs you on the best time to buy and sets you up with a plan of attack for clothing maintenance, care and storage.


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