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Picking out a winter coat can be tough. That's why we're bringing you five timeless styles this week. But whether you're looking for a modern upgrade of an old favorite or want to try out something different this season, there's a ton of choices out there. So we asked Gabriel Ricioppo, creative director of Need Supply Co., about the things guys should consider when investing in outerwear, and why any guy looks great in a varsity jacket.

What kind of coat is best for making the transition from dressy to casual?

Any jacket with a classic style will transition well. I like the versatility and the silhouette of a simple, clean varsity jacket since it has a little bit of heritage. Gant makes a navy wool varsity jacket that stood out to me this winter. It wouldn't look out of place when paired with some trousers, a shirt and tie and some long wings. Just as easily as it can be dressed up, if you pair it with a plaid flannel, chinos and work boots, you are ready to be off the clock.

How can a guy know if he can pull off a varsity jacket?

It's all in your head. If you don't feel comfortable in something, you shouldn't wear it. That said, a varsity jacket is such a classic and versatile piece that it can be worn by pretty much anyone. Dressed up or down, it looks just as good on the guy in jeans riding his bike up to meet friends as it does the guy in slacks and a dress shirt, on his way to a meeting.

Styling Tip

Add some spring flavor to a winter outfit by pairing a dark coat with a pair of bright shoes.
What are some good weatherproof coats for cold, rainy days?

A parka from Sierra Designs (shown left) is a must in any man's arsenal of winter outerwear and will last you for years to come. Made from their famed 60/40 material, you can be sure that with one of these on, you will stay warm and dry all the wet days of winter.

If a guy had to pick two coats to invest in for the winter,
what two are best?

Spiewak's Ensign Pea Coat ($285) is great for the price and very versatile. It's warm and well made, plus the leather detailing gives it an edge. Every man should have a pea coat, and the Ensign Coat checks all the boxes.

And the Garfunkel Jacket ($495) from Woolrich Woolen Mills is an easy pick-up. It can be worn for work or weekend. It's made out of a beautiful dark navy that seems to match just about anything.


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November 7, 2011

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