Your morning cup of joe won't just wake you up, you can put coffee grounds in the garbage disposal or trash can to also fight funky smells.

Outfitting your place can be tough when it comes to stuff like hand soap. Who really wants their hands smelling like lavender sage, or soap that looks and smells like it belongs in a pastry shop window rather than in your bachelor pad? We're all pretty big coffee drinkers here at Valet., but we didn't know much about coffee's ability to completely strip away even the strongest of scents. But it is a natural odor-neutralizer—maybe you've noticed a small jar of coffee beans on the cologne counter of many stores. (It's meant to be sniffed in between test sprays.) Perhaps that's why, according to the folks at Beecology, cooks have been using coffee grounds as kitchen soap for years. This handy bar combines coffee oil, cocoa and natural moisturizers like olive oil and shea butter for a soap that strips away grime and smells without drying out your skin ... or sacrificing your street cred.

$6, by Beecology


Published on

October 12, 2012

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of Valet.