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The Beer Chalice

When it comes to enjoying a quality beer at home, sometimes a pint glass or mug just isn't going to cut it. Belgian beers like Stella Artois, for example, make a case for the beer chalice. Meant to be held by the stem so body heat won't warm the beer, these glasses can also boast longer tulip shapes, silver or gold-laced rims and a bottom-scored design that promotes the maintenance of an ideal foam head. The wider mouth is great for deep sips, and they also look great when not being used—without the college connotation of those sentimental pint glasses you've had forever.


A chalice is best used with the following beers: Dubbel, Quadrupel, Tripel, Belgian IPA, Belgian Strong Dark Ale and Berliner Weissbier.

Published on

March 8, 2012

Written by

of Valet.