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The Blind Barber's Jeff Laub offers up the secrets to great summer hair.

Fortified Hair Wax


Old-school hairdos don't always have to call for old-school products. Because let's face it, those decades-old product can sometimes weigh hair down or smell a bit too old timey. That's why we appreciate the new grooming line from Blind Barber, which we've been using ever since we stopped by their new LA location. Like the establishment itself, the products channel classic style, but fuse it with a modern edge. In this case, it's an infusion of hops, adding proteins to your hair and leaving it in a strong hold with a matte finish. An added bonus? It smells great. Unlike a lot of the hair products of yore, this one won't leave you greased up and smelling like your grandpa.

90 Proof Hair Wax, $22 by The Blind Barber


Published on

May 18, 2012

Written by

of Valet.