Going Robe

Sure, when you're staying at a cushy hotel or spa, a fluffy terrycloth robe is nice to just lounge around in after a long shower, but on warm summer days at home? Not so much. Which is why we were pleasantly surprised while shopping last week and stumbled upon this madras offering from Brooks Brothers. Now you can sip your morning joe and peruse your favorite apps in cool cottony comfort. It's an old-fashioned sentiment that certainly makes for a more civilized way to start the day—why not be dressed for the occasion? It doesn't hurt that it's now half its original price. Is it a necessary wardrobe staple? Of course not. But it's still a nice, easy luxury to indulge in.

$150 / $74, by Brooks Brothers

Styling Tip

If a robe might be a little much for you, perhaps consider a comfortable pair of grown-up pajamas.

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August 17, 2012

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