Surf Spray

On hot days, the last thing you want is hair that feels greasy. Or worse yet, to have a sticky forehead thanks to heavy, melting products. Thankfully Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray provides a happy medium between gels, pomades and a natural look. Meant to emulate the effect saltwater has on your hair, the spray leaves dry hair with a little bit of texture and a nice hold that'll work on styles that are a little long at the top and short on the sides—so pretty much, the de facto summer hairdo of a lot of stylish guys. It contains sea kelp extract, and a couple of other natural ingredients to keep your hair feeling manageable, but not totally overdone. We've also found it works great as a quick grooming fix after a particularly intense workout.

$24, by Bumble and Bumble

Styling Tip

For added hold, apply a light grooming creme or matte pomade after running the Surf Spray through your hair. For more recommendations, check out our no-nonsense guide to the tried-and-true styling products that are right for all kinds of hair.

Published on

July 19, 2012

Written by

of Valet.