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Christian McCann of Left Field knows his stuff. For more than a decade, he's been putting a modern spin on timeless menswear staples. While his construction has always been top notch, what regularly blows us away are his fabric choices. He shops around looking for the best quality American denim for his jeans, Woolrich linings for outerwear and rare Japanese tweeds for his trousers. We picked his brain about vintage inspiration, the importance of buying American and why modern brands need more originality.


Hunting vest, $265

Tell us a little about those hunting vests—they're rad. And what about the duck pocket? Does that still serve a purpose?

Martexin has been making high quality waxed fabrics since the 1930s. Many outdoor companies have used them for years, and I look for companies that have a high passion for what they do because I know I will be getting the best quality. The lining is a hearty Woolrich fabric, which is still made in America, in my home state Pennsylvania. The duck pocket is an original detail from a 1940s hunting vest and I like to incorporate key details like that even if the fit and other details are updated. I think it adds a lot of character. I would hope that some people who buy it would actually use it for hunting, but it'll likely end up to be a pocket for an iPad.

For your denim, all of the components are made right here. How important is US construction to you?

I have been making all my clothes here and pushing made in America since 1998. To me it's not a trend, it's the foundation for making vintage inspired American clothing.


Selvedge canvas jeans, $220


1940s pullover sweatshirt, $165

You're inspired by vintage, but the stuff is cut for a modern guy. How do you find the balance?

Vintage inspiration is important, but I think a lot of brands take it too literally and don't update or create new details. It can get really boring seeing 500 different work shirts that all look exactly alike. Branding was the thing that made vintage clothing so cool and unique. I like to do it subtly and only if it adds to the aesthetic. I look at the key details that people love about vintage clothing and try to recreate them in my own style. I recently updated our jeans with a new pocket bag made from a Left Field canvas bandanna for extra durability. I always try to find something new to make rather than copy what the fashion pioneers are doing.

Styling Tip

Left Field sizing runs truer than most brands. A 32 waist will measure 32 inches exactly. Chances are, you'll have to buy a size up.

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November 12, 2012

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