Unionmade recently launched the second iteration of the shop's indigo collection. For fall, that means hardy items like canvas jeans from Raleigh Denim, quilted shirt jackets from Crescent Down Works and CPO shirts with selvedge details made by California's Golden Bear—all designed around the natural dye. We caught up with store owner Todd Barket about incorporating indigo into your outfit, and well, why he was feeling so blue in the first place.

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Todd Barket

    Like any indigo goods, be careful when wearing these with white shoes, or sitting on white upholstery.
Why indigo? What makes it so different from other blues?

Indigo is at the heart of what we do. We're a really casual brand and we have always loved the earthiness of natural indigo and the randomness of color that occurs in the dying process. It looks imperfect and not as manufactured as other dyes. We used Cone Mills White Oak Indigo canvas as the base of the collection. This fabric is made in North Carolina and fades, creating beautiful wear lines as it's used.


Jacket, $315 by Golden Bear;
shirt, $210 by New England Shirt Co.;
striped tee, $125 by Armor Lux


Briefcase, $350 by Filson

How'd you choose collaborators?

We got really lucky with this capsule, and everyone that we approached said yes to the idea of collaborating. This year we worked with a nice cross section. The filter we use is brands that we think are best of class and who are experts in manufacturing.

Tell us about the lifestyle items—how'd that mug come about?

Mug, $35 by Atelier Dion

We have been adding lifestyle goods throughout the year to our store assortment to give the collection depth, and it's been really popular. We worked with a local ceramic artist in Oakland, Atelier Dion, and then we found an artist who makes Indigo Dye kits and we thought it would be a nice way to bring something crafty to the collection.

Is it possible to wear a head-to-toe indigo outfit?

I think it is. I tend to wear all shades of blue at one time. We styled the photo shoot for the collection all together. We mixed tones and textures and made wearable looks. The photos really represent our aesthetic and how we dress. Since we're in San Francisco, we tend to layer and mix our pieces.

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Published on

October 24, 2012

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About Unionmade

Focusing on classic menswear items with a modern fit and heavy duty fabrication, Unionmade opened in 2009 from a handsome turn-of-the-century storefront with a goal to sell a variety of clothes that will grow with you. Owner Todd Barket excels at assembling a stable of brands that have great synergy together. They also have a variety of drool-worthy collaborations with such timeless American companies as Alden and Golden Bear, with whom they've made a well-rounded collection of hardy outerwear.

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