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Another way to switch up your suited style is with a nice pair of sneakers, like Vans Authentics or Supergas. For something dressier, try this loafers by Allen Edmonds.

The Case for Summer Suits

I can't really wear khaki suits. They're not really my thing. Maybe it's because most of them are colored in shades that are only a few Photoshop clicks away from my skin tone. But when I popped into Club Monaco recently, I finally found a summer suit I could vibe with.

The Jude Suit Jacket and corresponding trousers are pretty much the only summer suit I'll need. Done up in a versatile navy, Club Monaco offers complimentary tailoring on the pants, which I got hemmed with a two-inch cuff. It's breathable, fits great and the entire thing is about $400.

Ever since Aaron Levine's helmed the menswear, the Canadian company has been coming out with well-fitting, affordable staples with the kinds of details that have clothing nerds like myself satiated. Which means an impeccable fit, partial lining, shoulders with just enough shape and functional cuffs with tonal grosgrain stripes inside.

And as you can see, they can easily be broken apart and worn with other things. Thanks to the jacket's lightweight structure, it easily pairs with patterned shorts or sun-faded chinos. The pants look as crisp with a pocket tee and canvas sneakers as they do with a popover shirt or polo. Which is great, because it means I don't have to find excuses to wear the suit, I can just pick and choose if the occasion isn't right.

Jude suit jacket, $279; Jude trousers, $130
both at Club Monaco


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July 26, 2012

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