Custom Leather Kicks

Chuck Taylors are one of the most timeless sneakers ever made. There's nary a person who doesn't remember owning a pair. Sure, things might have changed a bit when they got bought out by Nike in 2003, but one of the benefits of their new management was the establishment of online customization. Making your own Chucks online is something you could do for a while, but thanks to an easier-to-use redesign and the launch of the "Premium Curate" line, you now have access to luxe leather fabrics. Beyond your basic black and brown, we like how they offer olive and navy too. You can also customize the rubber sidewall in a variety of colors, or go bold and mix and match leather panels for a unique look. The next best way to make these custom Chucks your own? Wear the hell out of them.

All Star "Curate," in high top or low top style, $125


Styling Tip

Customize any pair of sneakers by switching out your basic white laces for some more colorful options.

Published on

October 26, 2012

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of Valet.





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