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Benchmade Shoes

It used to be nearly impossible to get a brand new pair of well-constructed, handmade shoes for under $300. Companies like Alden and Tricker's make durable, benchmade options, but few of them are within reach of most guys' budgets. Then, we heard about Andrew Lock, makers of high quality leather dress shoes that are made by hand in England and Spain from premium leathers using traditional Goodyear welt craftsmanship. The guys at Put This On heard about the brand too and recently took a pair of the brand's brown derbies to a reputable cobbler, who confirmed that they were, in fact, up to snuff. With selections from basic oxfords to a sharp looking pair of double monk straps available, we're not too surprised to see that they seem to be selling out fast. So act now if you're thinking about pulling the trigger.

$250 (with free shipping),
by Andrew Lock

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Whenever you invest in a quality pair of shoes, you better know how to take care of them.

Published on

September 5, 2012

Written by

of Valet.