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US made and under a hundred bucks? I'd say thats pretty good.


15 oz canvas construction with leather reinforcements at the straps and nickel details. The zippered pocket is pretty sturdy too.


Super comfortable whether on or off my bike. The overall shape actually doesn't strain my back at all while laying pretty flat across it.

Searching for

The Right Rucksack

I'm on my bike a lot. That means I can't exactly tote around a messenger that swings everywhere, and those cool leather portfolios every other stylish guy seems to have? Pretty impractical if I'm not walking everywhere. Which is how my search for the right backpack lead me to Duluth Pack's scout pack. With the minimal silhouette of a portfolio and the pragmatism of a backpack, it combined form and function—something I could carry around without worrying about it being too bulky. Out of all the possible color combinations, I thought the black leather/black canvas "Great Lakes" version was pretty sleek. I've used it for a solid month carrying my laptop, a couple of magazines and sometimes, a spare shirt, folded. There's a cool zipper pocket on the inside that's ideal for things like keys and cell phones. It's held up a lot better than I expected, with the leather straps hardly showing any age. The best part is that under the Duluth Pack tag you can find the name of the person who made your bag. So thanks for sewing my pack, Nicole—I'll definitely be using it for many more months.

$95, by Duluth Pack


Published on

November 8, 2012

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of Valet.