The Cutaway Overshirt

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric with a smooth, soft hand to it. The tight weaves make it especially windproof and durable, which is why it's a mainstay for items like coats and pants. Epaulet took the wintry fabric one step further with this cutaway collar overshirt. In a versatile navy color with dual utility pockets, tortoise buttons, and a casual, straight-hem, think of it as an Italian-inspired version of the CPO shirt. Wear it as an alternative to flannel, and it'll keep you warm as a second shirt, or you can throw it over a T-shirt. And as an added bonus, the moleskin fabric means it won't itch bare skin like wool or flannel.

$265, at Epaulet

Styling Tip

With a subtly-colored overshirt like this, add a pop of color underneath with a bright plaid.

Published on

January 3, 2012

Written by

of Valet.