In Drive, Ryan Gosling's nameless character's only vice is a penchant for toothpicks. Besides hors d'oeuvres and sample trays, toothpicks have usually been restaurant afterthoughts. But we recently discovered these flavored versions from Preserve. Made from sustainably-harvested birch grown in the United States, we also liked their convenient, cylindrical canister that's made from recycled plastic. We recommend the Mint Tea Tree flavor after a meal, just stick it in your mouth and let the different flavors and oils seep in. It'll keep your breath fresh and your gums healthy. Just don't go walking around in public with it hanging out of your mouth for too long. You're a gentleman after all, not a farmer.

$4, for a 2-pack, by Preserve

Archaeologists have found Neanderthal skulls that show signs of having their teeth picked with a tool,
the earliest indication of toothpick use.

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March 30, 2012

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