The Hill-Side
Brings Back the Hits

The Hill-Side has always put out neckwear for modern guys that don't have to wear ties but choose too. The kind that are made from rugged fabrics like selvedge denim or patterns like camouflage and Guatemalan stripes. For their latest collection, they're bringing out some of their fan-favorite fabrics and reinterpreting them into bow ties. We talked to co-founder Emil Corsillo about the rarity of these materials, wild prints and how to wear them.

Styling Tip

Need help tying a bow tie? The gents from Hickoree's show you their fool-proof formula.
Why are these the "greatest hits?"

These bow ties aren't necessarily an exhaustive collection of The Hill-Side's "greatest hits" fabrics, but they're a kind of cross section of some of our most popular, best-selling fabrics over the past few seasons, along with some personal favorites. The indigo floral discharge print is probably the most popular fabric we've ever used, for example.


Reversible camo bow tie, $85 by The Hill-Side; Camo selvedge shirt, $220 by Gitman Bros. Vintage

What else in the store would you pair them with?

These bow ties are very malleable. The shape and size makes them feel quite casual, and I think they work well with just about any button down shirt. Obviously a solid oxford shirt will be the logical choice for one of the crazier patterned bow ties. But even the patterned bow ties can be tastefully paired with a patterned shirt—or you can get really crazy with it. Here's a particularly insane combination (see left).


Bow ties, from $76 at Hickoree's

And it's a pretty worldly collection
of fabrics ...

There are 12 fabrics in this batch—nine of them are from Japan, two from Guatemala and one from South Africa. A bunch of the Japanese fabrics are discontinued and will never be available from the mills that originally produced them. The Guatemalan fabrics are traditional patterns that are hand-woven by Mayan craftspeople in Guatemala. We source them through a small, fair-trade importer. The one fabric from South Africa is a very special indigo dyed cotton that is discharged printed on an old printer that uses copper rollers to imprint the patterns.


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December 6, 2012

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