LS8 Pack, $1,000 at Leather Soul

Leather Soul's
8th Anniversary Pack

For eight years, Leather Soul has been the premier footwear destination in Hawaii. Which is kind of weird, given that the tropical islands are the last place you'd expect to find Goodyear-welted soles, shell cordovan brogues and Chromexcel leather boots. But sure enough, the shop has become a place where stylish locals and tourists alike can invest in a great pair of shoes. It's even developed a great online following on places like Styleforum. To celebrate eight years of business, Leather Soul is collaborating with an old friend and a new partner to bring themselves into the future. Alden has always been popular at the shop, so the LS8 chukka is a welcome addition to the boutique's polished repertoire. Made from shell cordovan, the chukka has proven to be a bestseller for them. They're also including a short-sleeve shirt from Reyn Spooner, the so-called "Brooks Brothers of The Pacific," with an island heritage of its own. Combining the concept of a "fun shirt" with the brand's iconic La Haina sailor print, the resulting short-sleeve woven is a tropical take on a prep staple. The shoes are limited to 88 pairs, and the entire pack comes with shoe bags made from Reyn Spooner fabric as well as shoe trees.

Styling Tip

Don't feel like splurging on the whole pack?
The pieces will be available separately in December.

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November 14, 2012

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